Basic Example

Following is a basic example of test taking flow

  1. Get the Auth token to authenticate the user using the Get Auth Token API.

  2. Use the token as Authorization header in the following requests.

  3. Now try to get list of exams using the Get Available Exams API.

  4. Get exam details of an exam in the list of exams using the Get Exam Details API.

  5. Start a new attempt for the exam using the Create an attempt API.

  6. Using the response of the new attempt, get the questions for that attempt using the Get attempt questions API.

  7. Attend the questions by updating the selected answers or review later flag using Update attempt questions API.

  8. Send heart beat every 1 minute using Send Heart Beat API.

  9. ‚ÄčEnd the attempt once all the required questions have been attempted.

  10. Review the solutions of the completed attempt using Get Review Questions API.

  11. Review the subject wise analytics of the completed attempt using Get Attempt Subject Wise Analytics API.

To retake the attempt

  1. Get list of attempted exams using the Get History Exams API.

  2. Get the attempts of an exam in the history exams list using Get Attempts of an Exam API.

  3. Perform the above steps 4 to 11