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Watermark Videos

Videos hosted through testpress cannot be downloaded. There does however remain the risk of piracy from screen capture. Add text to videos with our dynamic watermark feature that effectively prevents users from pirating video content using screen capture, and goes a long way towards helping users protect their premium content.

The dynamic watermark can be customized for movement, color, size and transparency.

Create Watermark Code

Here is a sample JSON string that adds a moving (dynamic) watermark and a static watermark.


Technically, this is an array of JSON objects, where each object describe a single annotation item.

Each of these items will be described by its parameters. Every item requires a type parameter which defines the type of watermark by default its value was static. The type of watermark can be either a moving text or a static text. The rest of the parameters depends on the type.

Following is a short description of how each parameter affects the display of text.

Static text

The following code will display a static watermark code, placed at 10px distance from the left border of the video and 50px from top border, displaying text Testpress . The text color will be white (#fff), opacity is 0.5, and font-size is 6.

"type": "static",
"text": "Testpress",
"x": 10",
"y": 10,
"opacity": "0.5",
"color": "#FFF",
"size": "6"

Moving text

The following code will display a dynamic watermark code, displaying text hari. The text color will be red (#ff0000), opacity is 0.8, and font-size is 6. The watermark is configured to update position every 5 seconds (5000ms).

'type': 'dynamic',
'text': 'hari',
'opacity': '0.8',
'color': '#FF0000',
'size': '6',
'interval': 5000,
'skip': 2000,

Type of text

Set type parameter as dynamic for Dynamic watermark and static for Static watermark


Set the text to be shown

'text" : 'testpress',

Specify text opacity

This is the opacity of the text. For full opacity keep value 1.


Specify text color

This is the hex value of the watermark text color.


Specify the font size

This is the font size


Specify the interval over which watermark changes position

The value is the interval in milliseconds when the text changes position


Skip feature for watermark

It is possible to have watermark skip for some time between two overlays. Here is a sample code for it –


Apply Watermark

Now you just need pass the watermark code that you've created to the player to apply on the video. There are two ways to do that